Materials Science and Engineering Center for Medical Devices

With extensive knowledge and expertise, Imperia’s multidisciplinary team offers you dedicated service: We look at materials, performance, structure and design as they influence one another. Imperia has an understanding of the medical device industry combined with the expertise, resources, and systems to provide insights and answers across the entire product lifecycle – from design to manufacturing to sunsetting. Rather than focusing on one discrete aspect, we focus on the entirety of the issue.

Whether the discipline is design, engineering, or manufacturing, no industry exceeds the demands of the medical device field. By necessity, medical device companies require expertise in a multitude of sciences which range from polymer sciences to metallurgy to manufacturing engineering. In situations where those internal resources need to be supplemented and resources are lacked, Imperia stands by you. Imperia offers skills to help meet aggressive schedules, material qualification, deal with product recalls, provide supplier quality verification, or to solve tough problems that have defied all other solutions.

Imperia can assist your team to ensure a product has met all benchmarks for quality, cost and manufacturability. Our knowledgeable materials and engineering team is part of the solution which will ensure that it satisfies the rigorous requirements mandated by the U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA) and other international regulatory bodies.

This is why Imperia delivers more reliable and comprehensive solutions.

  • Engineering Investigation
  • Failure Analysis
  • Good Lab Practice Compliant Services
  • Material, Component, and System Testing
  • Material Selection
  • Process Innovation
  • Cross Industry Knowledge
  • Analytical Laboratory
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Material and component degradation
  • Services Summary