We’re honored to announce that Imperia was selected as the 2022 Utilities Service Alliance (USA) Services Supplier of the Year at the USA Executive Summit in Huntington Beach, California! Imperia President, Scot Blodgett, accepted the award on stage. It’s presented annually to the USA Services Supplier-Partner that best demonstrates commitment to superior customer service, quality, innovation, and teamwork. Imperia has been a supplier-partner to USA since early 2016 and we have been working hard to increase our exposure within the fleet. This award demonstrates that our customers recognize the value Imperia provides as we were selected from over 25 services supplier-partners. Scot thanks his team members for their contributions in making this happen!

The Utility Service Alliance is comprised of 9 members utilities, 13 sites, 1 Uranium enrichment plant, 39 total reactors (6 BWRs, 4 CANDU & 29 PWR’s) and more than 39,650 MW(e) of generation. Member utilities include Energy Northwest, DTE Energy, Indiana Michigan Power Company, Nebraska Public Power District, Luminant, STP Nuclear Operating Company, Talen Energy, Xcel Energy, Urenco USA, and Korea Hydro & Nuclear Power.