Project Description

Imperia provided owner’s engineering and licensing support for the replacement of the Eagle 21 PPS with a digital platform

Context & Objectives

  • Imperia overseeing Triconex and ALS design development
  • Coordination of ISG-06 Documents
  • Providing Owner support during Vendor/NRC meetings
  • Assistance to Owner in preparation of PPS Replacement License Amendment Request (LAR)
  • Development and maintenance of design basis documents
  • Administration and coordination of overall project

Approach & Solutions

  • All tasks required to complete the work scope were incorporated into a detailed schedule
  • The work plan was updated based on changing requirements from the NRC, Owner and Vendors
  • Moderated weekly vendor meetings, bi-weekly status updates, monthly detailed reports and quarterly review meetings

Results & Added Value

  • Experience in digital instrumentation and controls regulatory requirements provided an excellent platform for the success of the project
  • Knowledge of regulatory, technical and programmatic requirements minimized cost and schedule delays
  • Familiarity with NRC requirements and methodology brings added value by minimizing miscommunication while maintaining production
digital process protection platform
nuclear power plant