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Aluminum Plant Gets An Electrical Upgrade


Imperia recently upgraded the electrical infrastructure at a major aluminum plant. This upgrade helps the plant meet today's strong demand for military-grade aluminum, which is used to make the body of a popular pickup truck. Test. Lighter Weight Being lighter than steel, aluminum allows higher fuel efficiency and better handling. And with the weight savings, features can be added that would have made a steel-body truck just too heavy. Healthy Body Aluminum does not rust, which is another great advantage over steel. Rust spots that eat holes in steel bodies are not a concern with aluminum. Major Engineering With the good [...]

Aluminum Plant Gets An Electrical Upgrade2021-03-07T06:16:09-05:00

Imperia & ReWire: Proud Partners In Energy Efficiency


Imperia Engineering Partners is proud to announce our partnership with ReWire Energy on energy efficiency projects. We have been selected as an Implementation Contractor to provide energy audit, and design & engineering services for the Energy Services Statewide Program for the New York Power Authority (NYPA). The Hot Topic Of Energy Efficiency All eyes are on energy efficiency these days as residential, commercial, industrial, institutional, and governmental facilities aim to reduce energy waste and increase energy value. Imperia's engineering expertise and ReWire's energy efficiency portfolio are a one-two punch that can knockout your facility's high energy costs and wasteful consumption. Get [...]

Imperia & ReWire: Proud Partners In Energy Efficiency2021-02-03T16:34:45-05:00

Cavitation Noise In Submarines & Control Valves


Nautical engineers design propellers for submarines, and mechanical engineers design control valves for industrial plants. These engineering tasks have more in common than you might think. Let Off Some Steam As a submarine propeller turns, it creates a low pressure area at the trailing edge of each blade. Now, at sufficiently low pressures, water becomes steam. Yes, water becomes steam at sufficiently high temperatures, but it also becomes steam at sufficiently low pressures. In other words, you can boil water with low pressure just as you can boil it with high temperature. So, if the spinning propeller produces sufficiently low pressure [...]

Cavitation Noise In Submarines & Control Valves2020-11-11T13:11:38-05:00

Why Is Voltage Stepped Up Only To Be Stepped Down?


Electrical power has two components, voltage and current. Power = Voltage x Current After power is generated at a power plant, its voltage is increased by a step-up transformer. The power then travels through transmission lines to a neighborhood where it will run homes, offices, and factories. But before entering the neighborhood, the power's voltage is decreased by a step-down transformer. But Why? Why increase the power's voltage only to decrease it later? We want as much power generated by the plant to reach the neighborhood as possible, but we lose some power in the journey. As power travels through the [...]

Why Is Voltage Stepped Up Only To Be Stepped Down?2020-11-06T21:28:59-05:00
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