Imperia is committed to exceptional levels of performance in protecting our people and environment. Foremost in the planning, development, delivery and management of our services to our energy and industrial clients is the safety and health of our personnel, our clients’ personnel and those stakeholders involved in our business endeavors. Our objective is more than avoiding injury or accidents. Our objective is to anticipate safety hazards at every stage of our planning and execution of work, and in doing so create a safety culture where every employee thinks first about safety in every activity, whether on the job or off. We will have an infectious and effective, proactive safety culture that results in world class safety metrics in everything we do.

Imperia’s safety culture is characterized by the following traits:

Leadership Safety Values and Actions – Leaders at every level demonstrate consistent commitment to safety and the environment in in their decisions, behaviors and communications.

Problem Identification and Resolution – Issues potentially impacting safety or the environment are anticipated in the pre-project planning stages of our work processes, and all potential safety issues are promptly identified, fully evaluated and promptly addressed and corrected, commensurate with their significance.

Respectful Work Environment – Trust and respect permeate the Energy Division and all locations under the responsibility of the Energy Division.

Work Processes – Safety is implemented as a criteria in every work process and starts with receipt of a client’s request for qualifications and experience. Responses to clients’ request for information clearly and concisely convey Imperia’s commitment to safety. Work processes for engineering, design, project management, procurement, construction, start-up and commissioning and delivery of field services include safety as a criteria to be addressed and implemented in the delivery of services.

Continuous Learning – Opportunities to learn about ways to ensure safety are sought out and implemented. The Lessons Learned process is used to capture information, experiences and best practices learned in the delivery of our services.

Personal Accountability – All personnel take personal responsibility for safety and the environment.

Environment of Raising Concerns – A safety conscious work environment is maintained where personnel feel free to raise safety concerns without fear of retaliation, intimidation, harassment or discrimination.

Effective Safety Communications – Communications maintain a focus on safety. Meetings begin with a safety topic. Office visitors are provided a Visitor Safety brochure.

Questioning Attitude – Individuals avoid complacency and continually challenge existing conditions and activities in order to identify discrepancies that might result in error or inappropriate action.

Environmental Stewardship – Awareness of the impacts our business activities may have on the environment, both at the jobsite and in the office is considered at every stage of our work processes, including the development of environmental compliance strategies in the project execution plans, and the monitoring and compliance with environmental regulations during execution of our services.

Quality Assurance

Our NUPIC audited Quality Assurance (QA) Program was developed to ensure that we consistently perform to the highest standards. The Program is based on 10 CFR 50 Appendix B, 10 CFR Part 21, and ASME NQA-1-1994 and meets the applicable requirements of 10 CFR Part 72, Subpart G, ISO 9001-2000, and 21 CFR Part 820. All staff are formally trained annually in all elements of the QA Program and its series of controlled Implementing Procedures.